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Nice to meet you we are Omom Code! A prosperous company with analytical and innovative leaders behind it. Company is based on knowledge and experience. From the core of logic and mathematics to freedom and uniqueness of art. After more then 10 years working in variety of industries including manufacturing, banking, media and entertainment business and innovative designs, and after all milestones reached we came to conclusion we want more, more and better, and that’s how Omom Code came into being. We use our individuality and turn it into perfection. So, where do we see ourselves in the future? In the heart of the development globally. We want to leave a mark on this world and make it better - not for us but because of us.

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Why us?
How we do it?
Why are we so different?
What are our goals and toughts?


First of all, we want you to be able to see all the steps of the project, we are always available for you and your questions and concerns. We stand for transparency! Your happiness and satisfaction are very important to us, and we stand proud behind our name!

So, how can we actually solve your problem? By scheduling a meeting with us, at any time, any place, we will carefully listen to your needs and goals, and in return we will give you knowledge and partnership.

But what makes us so good? We communicate through all the details, even the tiniest ones. After all, can you find someone who can help you go from 0 to 100 in no time? To create a presence on the Internet that accurately hits the customer target and start successful marketing campaigns BY THE DEADLINE?

Yes, we are fast, and YES we are committed to the fullest and to the end!


Because we do this out of love, it is not in our interest to just to charge you as much as possible and present you with a lame project, that's just not who we are. Omom Code is guided by the philosophy that satisfied client will naturally come back for more services, our work is our greatest accomplishment and we stand strong and proud behind it! We do not have ten, or more, managers who need to approve every detail of a project and postpone it every time, there is no bureaucracy and unfairness with us! With effective planning and agreements, everything can be achieved in a short period of time. We work together and until we finish.  And with all those technical things,everything looks impeccably beautiful!

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Tell us the time and date - We will meet you there!


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We want to use our knowledge to its full potential, after all, we are a team of engineers and designers that's constantly looking for a challenge. Through constant work and increasing our knowledge, we want to invest in the digital world.

We LOVE to stumble upon obstacles since that is NOTHING but an opportunity to improve ourselves.

Nothing can stand between us and the challenge!


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Get to know us and see how our expertise and passion for software engineering can help you achieve your goals.

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